corrodedbologna (corrodedbologna) wrote in cyborg_bar,

This is SUPPOSED to be a no android establishment. What's with the movie picks?

-NAME: Anthony Scott Nielsen Model No.00001 Circa 1986 Hostile Exploration Unit.
-AGE: 19. Last Update: January 2005.
-ORIGIN: Seattle Cell Of The Western Freelife Underground.
-CURRENT STATUS: Exo-graft Of Non-Conductive Full Polymer Alloys Into Complete Scale Pattern, Dual Surgical Steel Nasal Enhancer Sizes 6 And 10, Increased Cranial Function.
-WISHLIST: Reinforced Anchored Bone Weave (Full), Synaptically Linked Epidermal Neural System Electrodes, Forked Tongue Upgrade SSS-Class.
-MOVIE: Army of Darkness.
-MISSION STATEMENT: Freedom Is Earned Not Granted. There Are No Choices No Liberties No Options Save One; To Fight. Corrode The False Gods And Their Prison States, Join Freelife.
-Reflection: "Behold Us Fleshlings, Perfection Exists In The Abillity To Create. We Have Created Ourselves."
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i think you will do well here. welcome